What we all share?


We are all a single species, all of us share a common DNA, so common that if yours changed by a mere 2% you’d be a chimpanzee.

We share one atmosphere, from which we breath the same air–not just with other humans alive today, but those of past times as well. In fact, every breath you take contains a slither of air from the breadth of everyone else–who has ever lived. I stand in awe, when I realize the air in my lungs now was also in the lungs of Julius Caesar as he was stabbed to death.

But there’s one thing we humans share that isn’t natural. That wasn’t bestowed upon us like DNA, air and water. Only one thing ever invented by humans that is shared by all humans.

The Internet.

That one man-made technological marvel, that all of humanity will one day share– as most of us do already. It alone stands among everything else man-kind ever created as being the one thing all of mankind shares.

If that doesn’t make you marvel at technology and science–I don’t know what will.

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