Google Trust Issue


I remember graduating from university and heading over to Intel for my first job interview. I can’t remember most of the interview (and maybe that’s why I never got the job), but I do remember telling the interviewer my dream was to work for Google, in hindsight I probably shouldn’t have said that.

Even then, and more so now, I had a huge admiration for Google. I admire they way they walk the talk in terms of innovation, but it’s becoming increasing hard to ignore the privacy concerns of having nearly all the worlds search traffic focused on just one engine. It could be argued that Google has more data than any other organization in existence… Governments included.

There are other search engines, of course, but they’re no where close to Googles precision or popularity (those two are actually intertwined), and Bing has recently offered to pay me to search with them and I might just take them up on the offer.

So how much do we trust Google?

A reader nicely pointed me to this wonderful infographic that I’d thought I’d share.

Infographic courtesy of via Muhammad Saleem

Mother, Can I Trust Google?
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