Jobstreet does its bit for Thailand


The Thais have had a rough couple of months. With floods inundating entire swaths of the country, Bangkok had to revise its GDP estimates for the year and even hard-disk prices spiked due to limited supply. There is some good news though, Western Digital recently started up it’s plant in Thailand (although no news on when it’ll be resuming operations) and many other companies are following suit as flood waters appear to have subsided.

Back home, Jobstreet the online job portal announced that they are helping out the Thais in a rather unique way.

Beside other social projects, (Thailand) has come up with an idea to help the unemployed from this crisis by inviting employers from the other 4 neighboring countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Philippines to help hire Thai people who have lost their jobs due to the crisis. Employers who are interested to participate in this project can post their jobs on (Thailand)’s website for free.

This means that any company from Malaysia, India, Philippines and Indonesia would get to post job ads on Jobstreet Thailand for free. While I doubt the effectiveness of the approach, Jobstreet at least has started in the right direction. Bravo!

More data on Jobstreets offer here.

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