Damn you!! error id: “bad_httpd_conf”


If you’ve wondered what happened to my 30-day challenge to blog everyday….well it didn’t go so well. So far, I’ve fallen short last Friday (although I posted twice the next Saturday) and then missed posting this Friday and Saturday as well, turns out my challenge is pretty much over. Although, I’m still persevering, I guess even if I complete the remaining 20-odd days, I’ll always ‘know’ I missed 3 days!!

Now I’m not one to make excuses but the reason I missed these last 2 days was because I was trying to get my blog migrated from nearlyfreespeech (who are awesome by the way) to dreamhost. It took me a while to figure out all the nooks and cranies and nearly 4 hours to complete the migration. I’ll blog about migrating your wordpress once it’s done.

The unfortunate thing is that, even after taking so long to figure it out, I was haunted by the dreaded “bad_httpd_conf” error. This error is only associated with dreamhost, and they themselves claimed they ‘made it up’. Now I use my nearlyfreespeech domain to route to other websites like resume.keithrozario.com which routes to my Amazon S3 files and they seemed to have worked fine without a problem. The problem is dreamhost specific, and I’ve just requested them to take a look at it.

I worked on this specific issue for about 2 hours, doing everything from recreating the httpd file, to creating a new A domain entry on nearlyfreespeech to starting and re-starting a whole bunch of stuff, but to no avail. I’ve requested a machine change and hopefully that can resolve the issue, but I was hoping to get keithsblog.keithrozario.com up today as a parallel run to my blog. Unfortunately, now keithsblog.keithrozario.com leads you to the httpd_conf error, while the parallel run is at keithsblog.jomlunch.com. What I initially thought would be a simple CNAME entry turned out to be not so simple.

In their defense they do have some pretty extensive documentation on their wiki about the issue, but this is still bad. Fortunately, I was just doing a trial run today before I attempted to move the entire site sometime next week (once Christmas leave starts to kick in), this however is giving me second thoughts. Dreamhost charge about $9/mo which makes it one of the most expensive web host out there, obviously they do offer specific features that justify the price, but this issue shouldn’t be happening. I’m not sure if they occur for other webhost, but this one really looks like it’s dreamhost specific, and I’m dissapointed. tsk tsk tsk!!

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