Google: Typing your flight number in Google reveals the flight status


Apparently Google isn’t content being the number one place you have for your knowledge thirst. Google is working on being the number place you’d look for anything and everything, from the price of gold to currency exchange and now even flight schedules.

Typing in a flight number (with no spaces) directly into Google yields the flight status in terms of departure and arrival times. Not to mention letting you know of delays ahead of time, the flight data is pulled from and Google does a fine job of displaying the data directly before the query results.

It’s really great, because it’s easier to tell someone to “just go to google and type in the flight number” than it is to say “head over to google, search for Malaysian Airlines flight status, then….” . So now it’s a lot easier to keep track of plane flights so that you can time your trip to the airport to pick up your loved ones…Yet another way the internet is changing the way (thanks to Google).

Edit: Depending on airline and airport, and the time of the flight, flightstats can even provide you the gate number of the arriving flight.Now that’s really awesome.

Edit: To find out currency exchange from google type “MYR to GBP” (for conversion from Malaysian Ringgit to Great British Pounds) and similarly for other countries based on their ISO4217 code. So it’s a simple matter of typing in the 2 currencies in their currency code and then the ‘to’ between them.

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