fetch.io is launching! Is it worth it?


Recently I registered at fetch.io for a free account to try out it’s service. For those who don’t know, fetch.io was a site that ‘fetches’ files for you from rapidshare, megaupload and a host of ofther file sharing websites and ‘Full Speed’. What that means is, no waiting 5 minutes for the file to begin download or throttled speeds. Fetch.io will get the file at full speed and store it on its servers for you to download. You can then download the file…once again at full speed (presumably).

Today I got an email from them announcing they’d be launching on the 6th of July (this wednesday). What ‘launching’ means is that they’d change the system a bit, there will still be free accounts with 2GB of storage and 4GB of bandwidth (not bad at all), paid accounts will presumably have more. What’s even more interesting is that paid accounts will have bit-torrent support so you’d be able to download .torrent files and have fetch.io download them at high speed before you download them from the server…once again at high speed.

This all sounds remarkably similar to services offered by local companies in Malaysia that allow you to download torrent files from super fast servers in the US. I use to subscribe to these services for about Rm30 (USD10) a month. How much fetch.io will charge remains to be seen, how fast their downloads are also remains to be seen. The free version I signed up for only entices you with bit torrent support, but those options are greyed out.

Still if you have a lot of downloads from rapidshare and a couple of torrent downloads a month, and if the price is reasonable..why not? The one good thing is you’d be able to control downloads from the office, and then download the file..once again from the office. Since the files are downloaded to you in usual http, this shouldn’t be a problem (until your office network guy figures out the high bandwidth and blocks the site).

I’d give it a try if the price was right (bit torrent support at under USD10/month. Otherwise it’ll be a bit too rich for my blood.



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