Contact forms: continued.


Previously I bloged about adding a contact formCall me to your wordpress powered site. The recommended approach was contact form 7, a clean and simple plugin to implement contact forms on your site. However, there are some limitations, what contact form 7 makes up in simplicity it loses in added functionality. For instance there were no captchas on contact form 7 so you can’t prevent a bot from simply continuously spamming you with messages from a nigerian prince wishing to share his vast wealths with you just because you’re a ‘trust-worthy’ person.

For more functional contact forms, specifically ones with captcha and spam protection try MM forms community it’s a straight forward plugin that lets you have a more functional contact form, or if you want to the real opposite extreme try tiny contact form as the name suggest it’s really really tiny and simple to use.

For me I’m sticking to contact form 7, because it works straight out the box and my blog is to low traffic to worry about spam….yet!

If you’re interested in more check out this link from designer daily.

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