The start of the blog.


After a long time,  I couldn’t really figure out how to install the social media sharing buttons, and thats why it still appears to be all over the page. I’ll need to figure out to to install a good widget for sharing at the bottom of my website. Hopefully.

Before that though, I’d like to share with you the story of my blog.

It was a rainy Friday evening on the 8th of April, I remember the date well because it was my birthday, that I decided to give myself a birthday treat and register a domain. After a couple of good searches I found , and decided to give it a try. I was about to register until I saw a little link blinking in the corner that said I could register a .info domain for just USD2.98.  So I opened my wallet, flicked my credit card out and went about procuring ,for just 2.98 and an additional 2.88 for whois info protect, I manage to secure the rights to Excellent I thought, a simple re-direct manage to send all the traffic from to my regular blog on blogger,

Whoopee! Not bad for 15 minutes of work for a rainy Friday evening.

Then I’d thought we’d take this to the next level. I got out my credit card again and purchased an account on, it’s a pay-as-you-go hosting service which means that it’ll cost a whole lot cheaper for a low volume blog I was planning. I registered and pre-paid the account, but just as I was about to transfer to the domain to nearlyfreespeech, my heart sank. The website mentioned that I had to have the domain registered for more than 60 days for any transfer to be successful. 60 Days!! I had this cool website I needed up and running by the weekend and here I was stuck with nonsense.

So I rolled up my sleeves and parted with an extra USD9.98 and bought, that’s the domain you’re currently on now. Everything looked fine, I followed the instructions, got everything working great, but for some reason the website wouldn’t work. Turns out it doesn’t work till some back-end registration sorts itself out. That was fine, because I shutdown my laptop, headed home for a lovely birthday dinner with the family, and when I got back from dinner was up and running. All it needed now was an index.html file uploaded via sFTP and voila, everything was perfect. If you logged onto last week you’d see the word “TEST PAGE” emblazoned across your browser, that was the start.

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