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Posts tagged ‘Blog Features’

Sub-domains on your site

Subdomains are a tricky thing. In laymans terms all it means is to have something else in place of the ‘www’ in your web address. So for example: <- This is my domain <- this is my sub-domain, more specifically the resume sub-domain.

Creating a subdomain allows you to section out your website, while allowing your urls to look cleaner. Personally I’m a bit ‘allergic’ to the ‘/’. I much prefer a subdomain over a  ‘/’. (good!) (not good!) More…

Adding a facebook Like Button to your post

Adding faFacebook Likecebook like buttons are tricky things. It used to be I’d need to install a new plugin to have these facebook like buttons. For instance I use to use DiggDigg, which is a pretty good plugin for wordpress. However, for the initiated a code version that I could stick anywhere in my post seemed a lot more flexible to me.

So how does it work. Simple. More…

Moving from Blogger to WordPress

I’ve had my blog on google powered blogger for over 8 years now. I first post on blogger was on April Fools day 2003!! That’s a full 8 years ago, my blog is probably older than some of it’s readers. All 8 of them…

I enjoyed my time with Blogger, and this project  to move everything to was not due to unhappiness with blogger, but rather trying to move things to the next level.

So how do you get the 200+ post from you blogger blog all the way to you ‘new and improved’  wordpress powered blog that you host on your own? More…

Using Google Web Fonts on WordPress


Ever got up in the morning and wished you could blog in Tangerine, or felt like only Special Elite could fully express your creative juices. How about: syncopate!!

All those words in color are in fonts that are deemed not websafe, yet you can probably view it nicely on your browsers…the trick is using Googles new web gizmo, the Google WebFonts API. More…

What is a WordPress Cache and how do I use it?

WordPress is the best blogging platform out there. It’s the best blogging platform ever. It’s great, but there is one downside. It’s SLOOOOW. How Slow, depending on what you post up. People are a lot more forgiving on a PC, but if you’re surfing on EDGE through your mobile phone, or browsing on a slow connection, it’s very very slow. Painfully slow.

There is a great solution though More…

Disqus: The best comments plugin for WordPress there is

The one thing I hated in Composito (my wordpress theme) was the ugly looking comment box. Thankfully however, I found this great plugin called Disqus.


Creating a email for your domain using Google Apps

So with the latest that the Malaysian government hopes to spend upwards of USD15 million to give every single Malaysian above 18 years of age an email address, I just noticed I have no email address

Unfortunately, (my web host) does not provide a email like other webhost do. If you’ve got your website hosted on goDaddy, Dreamhost or bluehost, you’ll have in built email functionality. If you’re with Nearlyfreespeech, you’re on your own (which is why they’re cheap).

That being said, Google also offers free email service for your own domain and it’s much better than whatever offered by GoDaddy or Dramhost. So no matter where you host your domain, I advise you use Google Apps to host your email. Here’s a quick and dirty tutorial on how to setup your Email on Google apps, and have Google host your domains email for FREE!! More…

Analytics for your blog

Analytics are those little bits of code that allow you to track vital statistics of your blog. Things like:

1) How many people visited my blog
2) Where did they visit from
3) Which country are they from
4) How long did they read my blog
5) What’s my most viewed post? More…