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Malaysian Governments Rm1.8million Facebook page: Utter Rubbish

It’s not often I get to write about 2 topics I’m deeply passionate about, politics and technology. So when I got wind that my very own government (whom I voted against by the way) spent nearly USD600k on a facebook page you can imagine how I blew my top. Now let’s be honest, RM1.8 million isn’t going to make Malaysia bankrupt but it does represent huge amount of government expenditure into something that cost peanuts to develop.

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Embedding Tweets in your Post using Twitter-Blackbird

Twitter Blackbird is a cool wordpres plugin that let’s you embed tweets the way they appear in twitter without having to go through snapshots and uploading jpegs into WordPress. The tweet will then appear prominently and with all it’s formatting intact (if the tweeter had a black background, the backgroud would appear as part of the tweet…AWESOME!).

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Holykaw! I’m on Alltop

A lot of my blogs are tech-centric with a focus on web 2.0 technology. However, this decision to start this ‘new’ blog and abandon my old political slanted blogger blog was in part due to a book I read by Guy Kawasaki. Guy seems to be of the opinion that good is good enough, and if you’re going to do something…do something first, and then improve it as you go along.

In that spirit of doing first and improving along the way, I started, which is the blog you’re reading right now. I’m absolutely loving blogging about tech and it’s an inner passion I should have pursued much much earlier in life.

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3 popular plugins for WordPress hacked!

If you’ve got a wordpress site hosted on your own,  and you use  AddThis, WPtouch, or W3 Total Cache and you updated your site within the last 48 hours, beware you could ‘potentially’  have installed an infected plugin that gave hackers backdoor access to your site.

The guys over at naked security advise you re-install those plugins and for an added security measure I advise you backup your wordpress and database just to be safe.

The vast majority of you are alright, but those are some pretty popular plugins for wordpress, I wonder where the source of the breach came from, what I know for sure is that a proper backup policy and a some added security for your blog is a solid investment for rainy days like this.

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Slow Loading WordPress: How to fix it have a problem with my wordpress site, it was just too slow. It was taking me 20-30 seconds to load the page, initially I thought it was nearlyfreespeech, and was contemplating moving the blog to dreamhost (both of whom happen to be amazing webhost by the way).

The reason I thought it was a host problem because my browser kept displaying ‘waiting for’ while the waiting, so I assumed that it was their servers response time. That however was too presumptuous on my part, and it took me a while to get to the bottom of things, but I finally figured it out.

I used a nifty little Firefox plugin called firebug.

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Skydrive gets Spanking new HTML5 version

Yesterday I blogged about how youtube was experimenting with a html5 version of the site, today we got come-from-behind victory for skydrive who announced that they’ve already launched their html5 version of site. Skydrive is Microsofts answer to dropbox, but unfortunately, it fell short of the mark and personally I don’t believe html5 is going to save this one.

I couldn’t log into to skydrive today, so was unable to check out how cool it became, but if you’ve got a skydrive account why don’t you give it a try and feedback.

This wonderful bit of skydrive info was brought to you by the wonderful people @ Gizmodo.

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Youtube gets a spanking new html5 interface

What the hell is html5? Well you know how your iphone takes you to a special app to play youtube videos? Or how you can’t view facebook videos on your iphone? Or why you see a lego block while you’re browsing on the ipad? That’s because all these videos utilize Adobe Flash to play their videos. The catch is Apple mobile devices (including Ipads,Ipods and Iphones) don’t support flash for one reason or another. Which means you’re not going to be able to see those great videos till Apple gets on the Flash bandwagon. There is however….an alternative, and it’s name is HTML5.

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Coolendar: Wonderful Calendar App just added appointment slots to their online Calendar in their quest to successfully emulate MS Outlook on the cloud. Quite frankly, Googles getting pretty good, I can organize my whole life online and now with appointment slots I can allow people to book my time online, just like they would do with a MS Outlook Meeting Request.

For those of us who miss the good ol’ days of pen and paper though (like me!!), there’s a spectacular app that does just the calendar bit and nothing else. It’s call coolendar and it’s really cool (pardon the lame pun)